Monroe 2020PlusX Commercial Grade Desktop Printing Calculator With Large Display

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The Monroe 2020PlusX 12-digit print/display medium-duty two-color printing calculator is a plus for any office, specifically full-time accounting roles for small businesses and those in purchasing roles. The Monroe 2020PlusX can be used as a printing calculator or turn the printing off and use the display-only feature. The Monroe 2020PlusX features our newly updated printer which, for the first time in Monroe history, is compatible with universal supplies such as the Monroe P65M ribbon spools, Monroe M33X ribbon cartridges and our signature 20 lb. paper tape rolls.
Key Features

> Large 12-digit display with 12.5mm digit height
> Cupped numeric keypad with a layout similar to heavy-duty models
> Percent change, markup, grand total, 2 tax keys–4-key independent memory are all included
> Non-add/date function allows you to print a reference number or date
> Standard 5/4 rounding, round up, or truncate options
Item count feature allows you to confirm the number of entries in each calculation

The 2020PlusX is the most popular of our medium-duty calculators. It’s most popular in banks, credit unions, etc.

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