Badgy 200 All-In-On ID Card Printing Solution Plastic card printer,


Give your organization a professional look by using custom badges printed on plastic cards. Holding your logos and pictures, these badges enhance your brand image and increase your professionalism.


When printed on plastic cards, your badges are more resistant and tamper-proof, thus strengthening the security of your organization.


Your badges are printed in high resolution on a quality plastic card. Moreover, the online template library offers professional-looking designs to choose from.


Get rid of sub-contractors deadlines. Print on demand based on your requirements and immediately replace any lost or stolen card.


Issue up to 95 badges per hour, single or multiple runs. Your employees, members or students instantly receive their card.

Your personalized badge in 3 easy steps
Badgy is a user-friendly solution: both the card designer software and the card printer (managed like a standard office printer) are easy to use.
Download a card template from the badge library on
With Evolis Badge Studio® card designer software, personalize the template by adding your logos, backgrounds, photos, texts and barcodes
Exceptional visuals
Print your card… in less than a minute!


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1 color ribbon, 100 thick cards, software with database, cables – Print borderless plastic badges, 38/sec CLR, 11/sec BLK, Badge Studio+ software w/database, PC/Mac

Badgy200 All-In-On ID Card Printing Solution by Evolis with Badge Studio Software – Print Professional Custom ID’s On Demand – 40 Card Feeder – 40 Card Output Hopper – 11 Second Mono – 38 Second Color – 300 dpi – 16 MB – USB – Card, PVC Card, Laminated PVC, PVC Composite, PET Card, Business Card 1 CLR RIB 100 CARDS SW CABLES
Badgy200 is a desktop solution to print custom plastic badges on demand. Print tamperproof badges edge-to-edge for students, employees, members, gift cards and more. Set comes complete with printer, color ribbon with 100-print capacity, 100 thick PVC cards, ID design software, and USB 2.0 and power cables. Print plastic badges at a speed of 38 seconds for color cards and 11 seconds per black/white cards. Printer is compatible with PC and Mac as well as USB 1.1 and 3.0.


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